Gallery Monbrison  was founded in 1981 by Alain de Monbrison and his brothers Marc and Emmanuel.

Specialized in African and Oceanic arts, the Gallery has strong relations with a major part of European and American museums.

The gallery’s clients include major European and American private collectors, and important private and public institutions.

A selection of works of primitive art is presented throughout the year.

We can advise you on the purchase or sale of an object, do not hesitate to contact us.

Member of the Administration Consulting of Antiquities National Union,

Member of the French Union of Professional piece of art Experts and piece collections,

Member of the National Company Experts specialized in antiquities, curio, books sculptures and paintings,

Member of the Experts National Company of commercial and technical activities at Appeal Court of Paris,

Member of the Expert Company furnishings art objects and collections at Appeal Court and the High Court of Paris,

Member of the Professional Committee of Art Galleries.