” My parents being both collectors I lived around sculptures at a very early age and was consequently very quickly fascinated by these works of art.
In 1971, after my studies at Ecole du Louvre, I joined the family Gallery located rue des Saint-Pères.
I do not really possess any culture or region of predilection. I buy “come across” works of art which awakes in me curiosity, a real aesthetic pleasure and an intellectual emotion.
Beyond his knowledge humility and doubt must be reflected in the mind of any good expert.
My code of ethics: to propose good, beautiful and authentic works of art. “

Alain de Monbrison

Established in 1971, the Monbrison Gallery specializes in ancient arts of Africa and Oceania.

The Gallery maintains strong connections with major European and American museums.

The Gallery has amongst his clients European and American private collectors and major private and public institutions.

A selection of primitive works of art is presented throughout the year.

We can advise you on the acquisition or sale of an object, do not hesitate to contact us.